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WPC 2016: Enova Launches Its X-Wall MX+ eDrive Host Adaptor

In-line 6Gbps AES CBC 256-bit Crypto Accelerator that transparently transforms any number of SATA drive into eDrive

SAN JOSE, Calif. (July 11, 2016) – Enova Technology Corp., a real-time full disk encryption technology innovator, today announced its 10th generation X-Wall MX+ hardware security solutions for Microsoft EHDD. Enova will be showcasing the new solutions at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 in Toronto Canada from July 10-14, 2016 at booth 1613.

The X-Wall MX+ has built-in TCG Opal 2.0 capability to effectively transform any number of standard SATA disk or SSD to an Opal 2.0 compliant drive. When working in conjunction with another built-in IEEE1667 firmware, the X-Wall MX+ can transform any number or capacity of standard SATA disks or SSD’s into an eDrive, wherein Microsoft BitLocker can manage and configure it, through the software interface of the IEEE1667 and Opal 2.0. In this application it can configured as either a boot drive, a data drive, or a portable drive using latest USB3.0/USB3.1 technology. The MBAM (Microsoft BitLocker Administration & Monitoring) takes advantage of the X-Wall MX+ transformed eDrive and provides enterprise-wise key management for fast deployment with low Total Cost of Ownership.–Enova will be showcasing solutions for both internal and portable eDrive along with EHDD. Also demonstrated is the solution that encrypts Data-In-Motion before the data reach any cloud service.

“Our goal is to provide data security solutions using FIPS 140-2 certified in-line real-time cryptographic off-load engine that is capable of transforming any standard SATA drive into eDrive/EHDD to accomplish the highest level of security for both data-at-rest and data-in-motion,” said Robert Wann, CEO of Enova Technology Corp. “The family of X-Wall processors accomplishes this goal, and we are pleased to be able to offer this technology to customers from all ends of the spectrum.”–

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Microsoft EHDD (BitLocker managed eDrive): The X-Wall MX+ automatically and transparently transforms any number of standard SATA drive (SSD included) into an eDrive to which Microsoft BitLocker manages and configures. Standard disk image cloning or data backup can be realized using the X-Wall MX+ transformed eDrive to significantly reduce corporate IT overhead for mass deployment.
  • Opal 2.0 Compliant Drive: The built-in Opal 2.0 capability automatically transforms any number and capacity of standard SATA disk (and SSD) into an Opal 2.0 compliant drive.
  • FDE (Full Disk Encryption) or SED (Self Encrypting Device): The X-Wall MX+ can be configured to perform in-line 6Gbps full disk encryption with AES CBC/XTS 256-bit strength protecting entire drive in Data-at-Rest mode. This default solution is OS independent.
  • File Folder Encryption (FFE): With add-on software components, the X-Wall MX+ can be configured to perform file level encryption, encrypting Data-in-Motion such that files stored in the Cloud storage remain MX+ hardware encrypted. Only the right secret key can successfully decrypt those encrypted files, solution that is OS dependent.
  • Trusted Communications/Relationship: Armed with the built-in RSA 2048, HMAC, CMAC, AES ECB/XTS/CBC, SHA256, Hash_DRBG and TRNG, the X-Wall MX+ is able to generate signature, sign and verify each identity thus ensures layer of trusted communications throughout all computing tiers.