• The X-Wall® MX+ won the 2016 ICT Month Innovative Elite – Top 100 Awards
    • Armed with digital signature generation, verifying and signing capabilities the X-Wall® MX+, among other features, is an in-progress FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified single chip SATA Gen 3 cryptographic bridge capable of ensuring trusted and encrypted communications for all computing tiers. A standard end point computing device such as a SATA disk drive or SSD can also benefit from the additional in-line 6Gbps AES CBC/XTS 256-bit hardware disk encryption capability it provides.
    • 2016 ICT Top 100
  • Enova X-Wall MX Wins 2012 Golden Bridge Awards in the Encryption Solutions Innovationscategory
  • Enova Enigma Wins PC Magazine Editors’ Choice
  • Enova Enigma Wins 2012 TAITRONICS Technology Innovation Awards

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